Alpha Mods



How Alpha Mods was started

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How it all started...

I walked into my local gun range/store around November 2016 and asked to see a Zev G19 that was under the counter and looked it over for a few minutes. As I studied the textured grip, I thought to myself, this is something that I think I could genuinely do well and would be a craft in the market that I have loved all my life. That night and many days forward, a lot of time was spent on research, studying the minute details, and lots of trial and error on anything I had lying around that was a viable medium. Through that process, it was not hard to recognize where the talent was among others in this craft, and that is where I spent the most time soaking in the details, applying them to my techniques, and evolving them to come up with unique designs. Once I felt comfortable with the skills I had learned, I talked a friend into letting me modify his G23 (I was scared to death of ruining it) and here we are today.

Frame/grip texturing, or "stippling" as it is commonly referred to, is a very utilitarian modification that definitely has beneficial purposes in the industry, but I also see it as an art form that allows me a portal to release my creativity and allows others a way to enhance their firearms and enjoy it as well.

The attention to the details are what will set your work apart from everyone else's out there (which goes for any craft) and I take pride in the amount of time and effort that goes into each grip that I modify.

To everyone that I have had the pleasure of working with up to this point, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share this craft with you and I look forward to new relationships in the future! I appreciate it and welcome to the Alpha Squad.